Display Board

Large display boards(LDBs) & custom design displays

Super-bright LEDs with wide view angle.
Version 1: With analog inputs from RTDs, thermocouple JKRS, 4-20mA, 1-5VDCetc.
Version 2: With digital input Rs-485, RS-232, USB, Ethernet, ASCII on Modbus-protocols
OPTION 4-20mA re-transmission output
OPTION 4 relay outputs with C/O contacts Enclosures IP40/IP54/IP65 etc.
Available as numeric value displays in 3/4/5 digital resolutions with 7-segment LEDs
Available as alphanumeric displays in choice of LED matrix 5×7 per character, 18×12 etc.
Scrolling displays with PC-programmable messages also available LCD/LED screen based display systems

JSW-BF#4 Cast House Display

Pulse / encoder input displays

JSW-BF#4 Torpedo Level Measurement Display

Power Plant Unit Generation Display

Test chamber/production area displays