Hand held portable universal calibrator battery cum mains operated with Mv/Ma/RTD source/Sink to calibrate & check transmitters/Indicator/Thermo-couple/RTD are a must for every sponge iron plant.

IR Pyrometer / Thermometer

I.R Pyrometer / Thermometer of different ranges for monitoring temp.

Digital Portable Equipments

IR/Thermal Camera Clamp Meter with IR True RMS Power Clamp True RMS Ind. Multi-meter Pinless Moisture Meter Video-scope, Non-contact Voltage (NCV) Detector + Flashlight.

Testing & Measuring Instruments

Multimeter, Tong Tester, Meggar, Tacho meter, Vibration Meter, Thickness Tester, DC Power Supplies, Oscilloscope, OTDR, Splicing Machine, Comm. Test Equipments, Optical Test Equipments.


Shielded Instrumentation Cables, Compensating & Extension Thermo-couple Cables. HEAT Resistance Cable (Insulation, Combination of Teflon, Fiber Glass, Glass Mica, Asbestos, etc).