Sponge Iron Industries


Mineral Insulated ‘K’ Type THERMOCOUPLE with die cast weather proof Alu. Head with terminal block of diff. Length. We also deal with Conventional Thermocouple of any type K, J, R, S, T etc.


RTD Pt-100 3 wire.

Qrt and Omega Plug & Socket

QRT with quick connect & disconnect male & female plug & socket. Omega Plug & Socket Large & Small (M & F).

Thermo-Well & Protection Tubes

Thermo Well & Protection Tubes for Kiln shell in bar-tock (SS-310) for protection of Thermocouple & also to facilitate fixation & removal of temp. Sensor in Kiln.

Power Sector

Cable Fault Locater, Cable Route Tracers, High Voltage Test Set, Surge Wave Tester & Receiver, Soft Discharge Rods.

Trolley, DPT System, Test VAN System

Trolley Mounted Systems, Compac System, HT VAN System, LT VAN System.

Telecom Sector

Cable Route Tracer, Cable Fault Pre-Locater, Cable Test Set / Fault Location.

Multifunction Meter Make: SATEC

MFM Power Meter PM130EH+, Power Quality Analyzer – PM175, Disturbance Fault Locater Model: PM180.

Telemetry System for IPP / CPP for Real Time Data Comm. To SLDC SCADA

Mandatory Requirement under CERC regulation to transmit real time details of power generation & power being injected in GRID to concerned SLDC. We provide very cost effective GPRS based solution on Motorola RTU & Communication Gateway System.

Energy Management System

Intelligent Energy Management, System provides complete solution for monitoring and management of energy. Required hardware and software for monitoring of energy are part of the system.